Virtual Patient Observation

KNOWfalls Virtual Patient Observation (VPO) system serves as an additional set of eyes and ears on the patient – at all times – allowing the observer to monitor patients and engage in two-way communication to avoid or reduce unwanted patient activity. When necessary, the observer can notify the attending nurse, certified nurse assistant or patient sitter to intervene. Alerts can be sent automatically to a remote patient observation station, nursing station, or nurse/caregiver/sitter’s Apple iOS (iPhone Operating System) or Android smart device.

In addition to patient monitoring, KNOWfalls VPO automates observer operations, data recording and reporting. System administrators have the capability to create unique data collection identifiers to optimize patient engagement and observer performance, reducing the need for paper notations.

KnowFalls VPO monitors all patient and remote observer activities within an encrypted SQL (Structured Query Language) database, enhancing real-time dashboard analytics. System administrators can obtain actionable insight on team and system performance, and generate reports on patient activity, observer activity and summary activity.

KNOWfalls VPO requires no proprietary hardware, operating on commercially available equipment.

Product Specifications for KNOWfalls IP camera:

  • Microphone and speaker built-in
  • Night vision capability
  • Pan and zoom capability
  • Camera is unobtrusive and smaller than most modern smart phones
  • Camera can be wall mounted or utilized on a portable set up


Product demonstrations and pricing are available upon request.

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