Product Solutions

Virtual Patient Observation

KNOWfalls VPO serves as an additional set of eyes and ears on the patient – at all times – allowing the observer to monitor patients and engage in two-way communication to avoid or delay dangerous activity. When necessary, the observer can notify the attending nurse/CNA to intervene. Alerts can be sent to a remote patient observation station, nursing station, or nurse/caregiver’s iPhone or Android smartphone.

In addition to patient monitoring, KNOWfalls VPO automates observer operations, data recording and reporting. System administrators can create unique data collection to optimize patient engagement and observer performance.

KnowFalls VPO records all patient and remote observer activities within an encrypted SQL database, enhancing real-time dashboard analytics. System administrators can gain actionable intelligence on team and system performance, and pull reports on patient activity, observer activity and summary activity.

Integration Specifications

KNOWfalls’ HIPAA compliant VPO is built on the Milestone Xprotect video management system which allows for customized user interface, patient engagement, data recording and reporting system. The Axis M1065 is an IP camera including infrared illumination, a microphone and speaker, which can be mounted on a wall, in corner or on a portable mount. The adjacent image is actual camera size. KNOWfalls VPO requires no proprietary hardware, operating on commercially available equipment.


KNOWfalls VPO installation can be handled by the purchasing healthcare provider or through a third- party installer under the direction of KNOWfalls. Each system can be configured to monitor from four to over 1,000 patients.

Training support is available to clinical teams and system administrators during system launch.

Autonomous Fall Prevention

IMESafe proactively monitors patient movements by utilizing a proprietary artificial intelligence event classification algorithm. The software enables smarter monitoring and alert response, resulting in a 90+ percent fall prediction and eliminating the need for continuous monitoring by patient care staff.

IMESafe works by identifying a patient’s bed-exit which is captured by a wall-mounted camera. IMESafe then notifies the clinician via mobile device.

Operating on mainframe computers on pre-loaded GPUs or with cloud capability, IMESafe performs several functions in a matter of seconds:

- Scene acquisition and preprocessing
- AI processing
- Alert generation for clinical intervention

Integration Specifications

IMESafe software can operate as a standalone system or with an existing virtual patient observation system, simplifying integration. It is fully customizable and interfaces with any 2-D imagery sensors.

IMESafe does not require any proprietary hardware. Standard cameras are installed on-site through a third party integrator utilizing facility relationships or the KNOWfalls integration network.
The IMESafe deployment team works with IT, clinical and ancillary team members to determine the exact specifications for each AI camera location. Users can customize AI according to patient acuity level and safety best practices for an entire unit, patient room or individual beds.


KNOWfalls ensures a smooth, expedited integration and training experience with no disruption to patient care practices.

Week one: Equipment is installed and AI software activated.

Weeks two/three: Developers work on-site to monitor patient movements and events, and observe system operation. During this time, a base set of events is established and monitoring criteria is confirmed.

Week three: IMESafe system trainers conduct on-site system training of IT and clinical super users.

Week four: IMESafe is fully operational. Developers are available to make system adjustments.


Product demonstrations and pricing are available upon request.

The KNOWfalls team welcomes your inquiries. Learn more about how KNOWfalls products are transforming patient safety practices.