Today, a growing number of hospitals and healthcare systems are relying on virtual patient observation (VPO) technology to solve clinical staffing challenges and ensure exceptional patient care. Camera-based e-sitters provide real-time remote monitoring that is significantly reducing patient falls and the related expenses for care providers.
KNOWfalls takes this practice to the next level with IMEsafe, a disruptive artificial intelligence solution that is solving decades-long challenges for falls prevention in healthcare settings.

Consider the following:

• One million individuals fall in a healthcare setting annually.
• 300,000 serious injuries and 11,000 deaths result from falls annually.
• Falls cost the national healthcare industry $5B annually.
• Anyone is capable to falling but fall-related injuries are most common cause of death in those over 65.
• By 2030, one in every five U.S. citizens will be 65 or older; the elderly will outnumber children for the first time in U.S. history.
• According to Joint Commission, “Historically, hospitals have tried to reduce falls – and to some extents have succeeded – but significant, sustained reduction has proven elusive.”

In short, falls not only interrupt the patient care spectrum, but they also have a ripple effect beyond the patient injury -- impacting caregivers, family members and healthcare organizations.

How KNOWfalls IMESafe is ground-breaking

• Fully customizable to existing monitoring systems – no proprietary hardware is required.
• Autonomous operation that runs multiple times a second and does not require human interaction.
• Fully encrypted and HIPAA compliant
• Under review for FDA approval and classified as a medical device
• Scalable to detect any movement that is seen with video, making it transferrable to the home market.

No other AI product on the market today can match IMEsafe’s capabilities and affordability – which is why its founders are committed to bringing KNOWfalls technology to every setting where falls present a hazard, from acute care hospitals to skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities to the home.

Why KNOWfalls solutions are personal

A 72-year-old female has just had routine laparoscopic surgery to remove her gall bladder, requiring an overnight stay in the hospital as her history of high blood pressure and obesity indicate. According to her adult son and daughter who live out of state, this patient lives alone and has just started having difficulties with balance.

In the early morning hours, the patient is confused with her surroundings and tries to make it to the bathroom on her own. The hospital’s current monitoring system does not alert the patient care team in enough time to prevent a fall. A broken hip and fractured wrist result. Subsequent surgeries and weeks spent in a rehabilitation center take its toll on the patient and her family. The patient has now developed depression and showing signs of dementia. Her adult children are challenged with how to best care for their mother going forward, both financially and logistically, considering her advancing physical and emotional limitations.

It is precisely these circumstances that inspired KNOWfalls founders to develop IMESafe. They recognized first-hand the consequences of falls with their parents and in-laws and asked, what if there was a “smarter thinking” solution for reducing falls? What if hospitals and rehab facilities could eliminate the human error in anticipating falls? What if artificial intelligence (AI) technology could be used to identify movements of an impending fall and alert caregivers in real time? What if falls prevention technology could result in significant financial savings for hospitals and, most importantly, in improved quality of life for patients and families? What if other families could be spared the heartache of making tough decisions of how to care for a loved one?

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