Artificial Intelligence Falls Prevention

KNOWfalls IMESafe™

IMESafe™ is an autonomous monitoring system that proactively notifies caregivers about patient movements. IMESafe™ utilizes a proprietary artificial intelligence event classification algorithm and smart learning technique. The software enables smarter monitoring and alert response for care providers.

IMESafe™ works by identifying a patient’s bed-exit, captured by wall-mounted cameras, and then notifying the clinician via an IOS or Android device.
IMESafe™ performs:

  • Scene acquisition and preprocessing
  • AI processing
  • Alert generation for clinical intervention

  • Runs passively, requiring no human interaction or setting of digital boundaries, removing the need to have someone monitor 24/7
  • Can be viewed in real time and used as a traditional VPO/Monitoring Center if extra monitoring is required
  • Does not require any proprietary hardware
  • Has the capability to adapt to current camera systems which are already installed
  • Reduces alarm fatigue by only notifying the caregiver of a facility specified event
  • Sends real time alerts to the caregiver
  • Provides detailed reporting and video of room events


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